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The Red Sox aren't signing Byung-Ho Park

After a strange few hours on Twitter, we've gone from the Red Sox having the winning bid, to the Red Sox being the only team confirmed not to have the winning bid. Fun times.

We don't have any pictures of Park so here's Dave Dombrowski I guess?
We don't have any pictures of Park so here's Dave Dombrowski I guess?
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

When I wrote that Red Sox fans should be wary of Byung-Ho Park to Boston rumors last week, this isn't quite what I had in mind.

Saturday night, Jeff Passan sent out the following tweet:

Not long after, Hardball Talk said the Red Sox had won the bid on Park, citing Passan, and the internet was aflame. Hanley to first? Not happening. The Park era begins in Boston!

Only Passan wasn't saying that. Instead, he was referring to the agreement between the Red Sox and the Nexen Heroes (Park's soon-to-be-former team) as detailed by Joon Lee:

A nice little arrangement, but in no way an agreement on any sort of bid for Park. It would be another completely useless Twitter false alarm, but apparently someone (best guess: someone in the Red Sox organization) noticed and decided to tell Passan under no uncertain terms that they had not won the bid:

So there you have it. Byung-Ho Park will not be signing with the Red Sox. Not really a surprise--even if you have no faith in Hanley, the (Sam) Travis (Shaw) duo leaves the Sox with a few options to try at the position over the next couple of years, while they're in desperate need of help in the bullpen and at the front of their rotation. It doesn't make much sense to bid on yet another first baseman right now.

Whether that means Hanley is going to start the year in a Red Sox uniform? Well, who knows. The Sox might just be posturing in hopes that they'll find someone to take on some of his salary before all is said and done, or they may have no plans of looking elsewhere. Whatever the case, though, it's not going to be Park who moves him off first.