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2015 SB Nation MLB Awards: Red Sox Celebration of the Year

The Red Sox didn't have much to celebrate in 2015. But we came up with a few options.

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Y'know what's rough? Finding celebrations and/or bat flips in a losing season. There weren't many for the Red Sox, particularly given that they only got up towards .500 with a late-season push when they were entirely out of it. When there was something to be won, the Red Sox were losing. When there was little to be gained, they finally won a few.

But hey, we have David Ortiz on our team, so screw it, here's David Ortiz, David Ortiz, and then a different kind of "celebration" to finish things off:

David Ortiz

Perhaps my favorite all-time bat flip comes from June, 2013, when the Rangers intentionally walked Dustin Pedroia to get to David Ortiz and were rewarded with this. It's the disgust that makes it so great. The Rangers could have been walking Ted Williams himself to get to Ortiz, and Papi wouldn't have accepted it.

On July 20th, there was no reason for Ortiz to be disgusted, except perhaps the score. It was 6-0, Angels in a game that would end 7-3 in there favor, producing a double-header sweep. This was part of the 0-7 start to the second half that put the final nail in the coffin for a season that had been more-or-less dead for two months already.

But damn, if he didn't make it seem like the Angels were personally insulting him when he crushed this Andrew Heaney pitch:

My best guess: he's really offended by how Kole Calhoun spells his name.

David Ortiz

If we're talking about David Ortiz homers, though, we obviously can't leave out this game:

Two in one game to reach #500, and everyone gets in on the celebration. You can even catch the bullpen trotting in as Papi rounds third.

Torey Lovullo even made sure to get Papi his own personal curtain call (in St. Pete!) when given the chance:

Don Orsillo

No words necessary.