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Daily Red Sox Links: Dave Dombrowski, Alex Gordon, Brian Johnson

Today's links look at the possibility of signing Alex Gordon, fixing the bullpen, and the funniest way to put together a coaching staff.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Dombrowski finds himself in a different situation than in the past, with limited payroll flexibility. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Christopher Smith looks at Alex Gordon's potential fit on the Red Sox. (Christopher Smith;

Boston needs to fix their bullpen and can learn a thing or two from Kansas City. (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald)

There will be a major change at Fenway next year, as we won't see the man in the yellow headphones behind home plate anymore. (Nick Cafardo; Boston Globe)

What's the funniest possible way to assemble the 2016 coaching staff? (Matt Kory; BP Boston)

It was a scary weekend for Brian Johnson, though he made it out unscathed. (Rob Bradford;