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Report: David Ortiz to retire at end of 2016

The time has come. According to Ken Rosenthal, David Ortiz is set to retire after the 2016 seaosn.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

David Ortiz plans to retire at the end of the 2016 season, per Ken Rosenthal:

This is news that has been coming. We've known it for a long time. Players don't last forever, and David Ortiz has lasted longer than most, with his 40th birthday just one day away. Honestly, it feels like they've been playing on borrowed time since 2009 with Big Papi, who seemed for all the world to be done after his 2008 wrist injury led into the worst half a season we've ever seen from the slugger. Then he was strong in 2010, and back to his old self by 2011.

It's been six long years--and one World Series win--since we first had to make peace with the idea that David Ortiz might be done. And now it seems like we're going to have to do so again, but for real this time.

And yet...this might be for the best. This means there's just one year left now for Ortiz to go all-out in. One last campaign to stretch whatever's left in the tank over. No player lasts forever, and there's not a long-time fan out there that hasn't had to watch one of their favorite players fade into obscurity as age took its toll. Too many heroes end up falling before they decide to call it quits.

If David Ortiz can make this thing work for one more--one last season, he can go out on a high note. Hopefully, the Red Sox will put themselves in position to give him a proper send off. One that ends late in October, perhaps with one last clutch performance, and a fourth ring.