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Mookie Betts will bowl in the Reno PBA event this December

Mookie Betts isn't just good at baseball, you know.

Mookie Betts used to bowl in high school, and he was good. Really, really good. Just because he's a professional baseball player doesn't mean he's finished bowling, though, as the Boston Globe's Peter Abraham reported on Twitter that Mookie has entered into the Professional Bowlers Association event in Reno from December 7 through December 19. Mookie will be there from December 8 through 11, according to the PBA themselves.

You might even be able to watch some of it, and Abraham has more complete details about how Betts was invited and how long he might be able to play at the Globe.

Betts used to average between 230 and 240 back in high school, per our own Joon Lee's report digging into Mookie's teenager years. He was great at baseball, he could dunk in basketball...

... and he was a bowler on the high school team, even though he didn't practice because it would get in the way of basketball. Now, he'll get to bowl in a PBA event, a professional event, making Betts a two-sport player. Instead of baseball and football, like Bo Jackson, Mookie will be baseball and... bowling.

That's pretty awesome, especially since the Sox are allowing a center piece to do this in the offseason rather than hitting every panic button in sight to keep him from it.