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Daily Red Sox Links: Don Orsillo, John Farrell, David Ortiz

Today's links look at Don Orsillo saying goodbye, the majority of the coaching staff returning next year, and Dave Dombrowski's journey.

Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

Don Orsillo signed off from a Red Sox for the last time yesterday, making all of us cry. (Boston Herald)

It's not just the fans who held Orsillo in such high esteem, either. (Sox Lunch; Twitter)

In other news, John Farrell is officially being brought back as manager for the 2016 season. (Peter Abraham; Boston Globe)

Most of the coaching staff will be joining Farrell, but not everyone. (Rob Bradford;

Tim Britton looks at how Dave Dombrowski has gotten to where he is now. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

David Ortiz is amazing and if you can't appreciate him you are dumb. (Chad Finn;

As much as a big trade could help, it's not worth breaking up the Red Sox' current core. (Matt Kory; BP Boston)

The Red Sox would like slimmer versions of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval in 2016. (Sean McAdam; CSN New England)