Throwback game of the week! 1975 World Series Game 7, 9 PM EST, Friday Night 1/9!


Happy New Year, folks! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday.

It's 2015 now, and hope springs eternal! Spring training isn't too far away now, and none of our teams has lost any games yet. Let's hope for impressive (maybe surprisingly excellent) pitching performances, and for a new signing or two before the new season begins.

In the meantime, it's time to polish off the 1975 World Series with our friends from Red Reporter. Game 6 was awesome, and I'm really glad we had a chance to watch it and enjoy it together. It truly was an amazing game, full of great moments that tend to get lost among all of the Fisk clips. I've really enjoyed watching the Big Red Machine play as well. It was an incredible, dangerous lineup. I don't mind watching them win a game 7. These guys also destroyed the Yankees the following year, so we owe them that debt of thanks. Come join us on Friday night, for some baseball talk and a classic game. And, stay tuned, as we branch out from this world series and explore some other classic baseball games in the weeks to come!

The Method:


1975 World Series, Game 7

Next, we need to be watching at the same time. So, go to this website: Atomic Clock, NY

Open the video, pause it, resize it to fit nicely on your screen. Do the same with the throwback gamethread. Then, get ready. At exactly 9 PM EST on the time and date website, hit play on your youtube video. We'll now be watching at the exact same time! And, if anything bad happens to your video, or you need to reboot, no problem. Just re-open the video, and skip to the appropriate time. For example, at 9:15 PM EST, we'll all be exactly 15 minutes into the file. Easy, right?