Bringing the Power: The Longest HRs of the 2015 Sox

Most of you are aware of ESPN's old "hit tracker" now renamed to ESPN Home Run Tracker. I find myself spending time there often so I guess us guys dig the long-ball just as much as the chicks.

With this post we'll take a quick look back at each of the longest homers hit by the prospective 2015 non-pitching roster

Here is the total list of all the homers from 2014. Below is a list of the longest for each of our current Sox batters/fielders in order of length. All links open in a separate window

1. David Ortiz, DH (Video)

Date: 4/22/14

Stadium: Fenway Park

Pitcher: Masahiro Tanaka, NYY

True Distance: 482 ft (3rd longest of 2014)

Comment: Ortiz's blast off of Masahiro Tanaka in the early stages of 2014 (when we all still had hope) doesn't look like it goes as far as it does since it is crushed to the deep RF part of Fenway but it ended up the 3rd farthest of all the big knocks of 2014. Not bad for a 38 year old. Tanaka attempted to groove a fastball on the inside part of the plate to Big Papi and that's a bad place to go.

2. Hanley Ramirez, LF (Video)

Date: 6/08/14

Stadium: Coors Field

Pitcher: Jorge de la Rosa

True Distance: 472 ft (5th longest of 2014)

Comment: While Hanley was probably aided by the Coor's Field effect, he did power this one almost to the left-field walkway through some pretty foul weather. It's a shame only like 100 people were left around to see it. You don't normally think of middle-infeilders with that kind of power, and of course you wont have to on the Sox as Hanley is destined for the outfield. In a fit of minor intrigue the homer came off of former Sox IFA, Jorge de la Rosa.

3. Mike Napoli, 1B (Video)

Date: 08/26/14

Stadium: Rogers Centre

Pitcher: Sergio Santos, TOR

True Distance: 451 feet

Comments: Napoli's moon-shot in late August (when all hope was lost) hit the upper deck in LF of the Roger's Centre. The three run shot came in the upper salvo of the 11tth inning in a game the Sox would win when nobody really cared anymore.

4. Pablo Sandoval, 3B (Video)

Date: 4/14/14

Stadium: AT&T Park

Pitcher: Tyler Chatwood, COL

True Distance: 439 ft

Comments: Sandoval's 2nd HR of the year ended up being his longest as the lefty crushed one to RF at AT&T Park creating one of the more "fun" homer types in all of baseball due to the McCovey Cove splash down replete with kayaks. Here's hoping he hits em far to Fenway's right-field in 2015.

5. Xander Bogaerts, SS (Video)

Date: 5/22/14

Stadium: Fenway Park

Pitcher: Mark Buerhle, TOR

True Distance: 437 ft

Comments: Bogaerts was looking like the gem we all thought he'd be during his torrid May (0.897 OPS) which included this little pull-job against veteran Mark Buerhle. The monster shot came off of a curve-ball which shows that Bogaerts can hit the off-speed stuff. Unfortunately June, July and August happened to also be a part of 2014 for both the Sox and Xander.

6. Ryan Hanigan, BC (Video)

Date: 4/04/14

Stadium: Tropicana Field

Pitcher: Joe Saunders, TEX

True Distance: 421 ft

Comments: The newest member of the Sox, Hanigan comes in here at #6 with a 421 ft blast to left-field at the Trop for his first homer of the year, first homer as a Ray and longest homer of 2014. Hanigan would only hit 4 more the entire year which actually includes 2 in one game vs. the Yanks.

7. Allen Craig, 1B/OF (Video)

Date: 4/28/14

Stadium: Busch Stadium

Pitcher: Yovani Gallardo, MIL

True Distance: 417 ft

Comments: Craig hit his 2nd homer of 2014 to left-center of Busch Stadium off of Yovani Gallardo just a moment after McCarver predicted a break-out by Craig. Maybe McCarver should just shut his mouth.

8. Daniel Nava, 1B/OF (Video)

Date: 4/15/2014

Stadium: U.S. Cellular Field

Pitcher: Erik Johnson, CHW

True Distance: 415 ft

Comments: Nava's 2nd of the year (I'm sensing a trend here....) was a solo job to RF that tied the game vs. the White Sox is what appears to be a very cold early April day in Chi-town. The Sox eventually lost the game 2-1. What is interesting about this game is that 10 players appeared for the Sox that are no longer with the club at the present moment.

9. Mookie Betts, RF (Video)

Date: 8/25/14

Stadium: Rogers Centre

Pitcher: J. A. Happ

True Distance: 404 ft

Comments: Not Bett's first career homer but his second (there's that trend again). Betts takes a low offering from Happ and deposits it in the second tier of left-field seats at Rogers Centre in Toronto. 2014 didn't brin about a lot of positives for the Sox, but getting to see Betts start his career was one of the few bright spots.

10. Brock Holt, INF (Video)

Date: 5/31/14

Stadium: Fenway Park

Pitcher: Jake Odorizzi, TB

True Distance: 404 ft

Comments: Holt's first major league homer was also his longest of 2014 and it came at the tail end of a 6 game win streak that had Sox fans thinking that 2014 could be something pretty good. Xander was going strong, Holt was making us believe we had an answer at 3B not named Middlebrooks, etc. then........This blast was hit to Sox bullpen area in right CF and just barely clears the wall.

11. Dustin Pedroia, 2B (Video)

Date: 5/11/14

Stadium: Arlington Stadium

Pitcher: Robbie Ross, TEX

True Distance: 403 ft

Comments: Pedroia's wrist injury sapped his power quite a bit but he still eclipsed the 400 fot mark with this dandy in Texas. It was guessed it!.....second of the year (this is just getting eerie now) While Pedroia doesn't necessarily hit them far, his upper-cut homer swings are certainly more entertaining than most.

12. Shane Victorino, OF (Video)

Date: 7/25/14

Stadium: Tropicana Field

Pitcher: David Price, TB

True Distance: 395 ft

Comments: Victorino only had 2 long balls in 2014 due to spending most of his year on the DL, and while he didn't crest the 400 mark with this one he gets extra props for taking David Price deep both because Price is a good pitcher and an horse's patoot.

13. Rusney Castillo, CF (Video)

Date: 9/26/14

Stadium: Fenway Park

Pitcher: Shawn Kelley, NYY

True Distance: 391 ft

Comments: Rusney's 2nd career homer (and of course, 2nd for the year) left Fenway Park and landed in a parking lot Yet it sits #13 on our list. Over the Monster shots are awesome in their own right....just not far relatively.

14. Christian Vazquez, C (Video)

Date: 9/25/14

Stadium: Fenway Park

Pitcher: Jeremy Hellickson, TB

True Distance: 362 ft

Comments: Vazquez's first and only major league homer came on the same night that Castillo launched his first and it careens off of sign above the Monster while not a long shot by any means, that's still one to tell your kids.

Honorable Mention

He Who Shall Not Be Named #1, RF (Video)

True Distance: 484 ft

He Who Shall Not BE Named #2, RF (Video)

True Distance: 470 ft

There were 21 homers hit in 2014 that were 460 feet or more and HWSNBN hit 5 of them. No other player is on that list more than once. Needless to say, Lord Voldemort has a ton of raw power.

So there you have it folks, 14 of the longest 2014 homers by the 2015 crew including 6 "2nd's of the year" Enjoy some long balls as you toil through the long wait to April