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Over The Monster Podcast episode 118: James Shields, Projections, Mookie Betts

It's the pre-pre-season in baseball, but although that should mean there isn't anything to talk about, there is! James Shields is still a free agent! Projection season is upon us! Mooooooookie!

Hey! That panda is wearing gloves!
Hey! That panda is wearing gloves!
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps you thought you were rid of The OTM Podcast. Perhaps you thought we were done. Perhaps you thought maybe I got hit by rock dropped by a condor while staggering across a Wal-Mart parking lot and have since lost the ability to talk? Well sorry to disappoint you, but sadly, we're back. In fact, we never left. You see, it was the Red Sox off-season that did the leaving. BANG! Pablo! BANG! Hanley! BANG! New rotation! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and here we are. We covered most of that in previous podcasts so it should come as no surprise that, short of condor-related shenanigans, we've been biding our time, waiting until the moment was right to podcast.

For a long time the moment wasn't right, then, yesterday, something changed. Then we realized it wasn't anything important but we figured what the heck, let's podcast anyway. Brendon was unreachable but Marc Normandin agreed to join me for a wide-ranging discussion of James Shields, his silly free agency, starting pitcher deals and the Red Sox place in them, projection systems (not ha-ha funny, but this is a free podcast so take what you can get you jackals), and then we finished up with a discussion of Mookie, the Sox outfield and Boston's 2015 overall strategy.

It was a fun discussion, a fun podcast, and have I mentioned it's free? It's free!

As always, I welcome your comments either here in the comments or over email (matthew dot kory at gmail). As always, thanks for listening.

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