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Daily Red Sox Links: Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Brock Holt

Today's links look at what the Max Scherzer deal means for the Red Sox, how Stephen Strasburg may be involved and a glimpse at Brock Holt.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It's a slow news day in baseball part of New England, with the effect Max Scherzer's deal will have on the Sox dominating the headlines for the Boston Herald ... (Scott Lauber; Boston Herald)

... the Providence Journal ... (Brian MacPherson)

... and (Jack Andrade)

... while Mass Live looks at a potential trade for Stephen Strasburg. (Jason Mastrodonato)

But, thankfully our friends at Minor League Ball offer a respite with the top 20 prospects in the Red Sox farm system... (John Sickels)

... while BoSox Injection evaluates what Brock Holt's future holds ... (Michele Pettis)

... and the role Billy Conigliaro plays in the team's past. (Rick McNair)