OTM Fantasy: Winter Meetings

Welcome to the Winter Meetings post for 2015. Here will will discuss all things fantasy in a "drop-in" style arrangement. ESPN's site will usually go down at the beginning of February for updates/maintenance, etc and reappear in mid-February ready to go for the new season.

In order to have some semblance of order here please try to post comments under the appropriate header. Any new comments/discussions/trash-talking that you would like to start and do not appear under a certain heading please make those as a new post. League specific topics will have sub-headers so if you are not in those leagues you can close that thread.

Please make sure that if/when you do join us that you check in under the Check-in header so that we know who is with us.

The main header topics will be as follows

Check-In (sub headers for each league)

New/Replacement Owners (sub headers for each league)

Scoring Changes (all leagues): How we allocate points

League Settings Changes (all leagues): Playoffs, Waivers, Rosters and such

Trades (sub headers for each league):

Looking forward to another excellent year