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Red Sox vs. Yankees: The end

The 2014 season is finally coming to an end.


Xander Bogaerts is out of the lineup for the final game of the season with a hamstring issue and, yes, Derek Jeter's last game ever is a thing, I guess.

Today's Lineups

Ichiro Suzuki - RF Mookie Betts - 2B
Derek Jeter - DH Daniel Nava - RF
Brett Gardner - CF Yoenis Cespedes - DH
Mark Teixeira - 1B Allen Craig - 1B
Chase Headley - 3B Garin Cecchini - 3B
Stephen Drew - SS Rusney Castillo - CF
Francisco Cervelli - C Bryce Brentz - LF
Chris Young - LF David Ross - C
Jose Pirela - 2B Jemile Weeks - SS
Michael Pineda - RHP Clay Buchholz - RHP

If Xander Bogaerts had to get hurt, there's certainly no better time than Game 162 in a lost season.

One wonders how many final games we're seeing here. Obviously there's Jeter over on New York's side of things, but that's gotten enough press for the past year now that we don't need to be talking about it here. The question is how many of these Red Sox will be elsewhere come 2015.

It's not just a matter of being good or not. Mookie Betts has certainly done more than enough to earn his spot. Yoenis Cespedes is plenty good enough to be a starter. But who knows what the offseason will bring in terms of trades? That's to say nothing of Jemile Weeks, Allen Craig, and Bryce Brentz but, we really care all that much?

The first of the last pitches is at 1:35 p.m. ET with broadcasts on NESN, TBS, and WEEI.