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Red Sox vs. Yankees: Yeah, yeah, Jeter's playing...

This is going to be insufferable.

This here's a Red Sox blog, so this here's the Jeter we'd like to remember.
This here's a Red Sox blog, so this here's the Jeter we'd like to remember.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox will send Joe Kelly to the mound in their second to last game of the season as they--ah, hell, who am I kidding? All anyone seems to care about is that Derek Jeter is playing, so there you go. Derek Jeter, DH.

Today's Lineups

Ichiro Suzuki - RF Mookie Betts - 2B
Derek Jeter - DH Xander Bogaerts - SS
Brian McCann - C Daniel Nava - RF
Chase Headley - 1B Yoenis Cespedes - DH
Chris Young - LF Allen Craig - 1B
Stephen Drew - SS Garin Cecchini - 3B
Jose Pirela - 2B Rusney Castillo - CF
Brendan Ryan - 3B Bryce Brentz - LF
Eury Perez - CF Christian Vazquez - C
Masahiro Tanaka - RHP Joe Kelly - RHP

It's a shame, really, that this is the FOX game. Who wouldn't have loved hearing Joe Buck and co. pretending to care about a game played between essentially two minor league teams? Frankly that would have been the best thing to come of September.

Instead, if you choose to watch this game, you'll get hour after hour of Jeter. There will be a Jeter-cam picture-in-picture, or more likely a Game-cam picture-in-picture while the main screen is focused directly on Jeter. If Jeter is subbed out at some point for whatever reason, they might just choose to call it a broadcast and start listing off all their various producers on the spot.

If trying to see, say, Rusney go for three straight games with homers or Mookie and Xander attempt to finish the season strong is worth sitting through all of that, then Godspeed. If not, well, nobody will think less of you for giving it a miss.

First pitch is at 1:05 p.m. with broadcasts on FOX and WEEI.