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Mookie Betts thinks a hot dog is a sandwich

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This might change your opinion of the young Red Sox rookie.

Future sandwiches, according to Mookie Betts.
Future sandwiches, according to Mookie Betts.
Dave Sandford

You might believe a hot dog is a sandwich. You might instead believe people who think that are perverting what a sandwich truly is. While I don't know your personal take on the issue, thanks to Rocco DeMaro and Baseball Prospectus, we now know that Mookie Betts believes a hot dog is a sandwich.

Well, he didn't used to, but after speaking with DeMaro, he switched sides on the debate.

Mookie Betts: I think a hamburger's a sandwich because the meat goes between two pieces of bread. I'm getting myself into a corner here.

Me [Rocco DeMaro]: Yes, you are. Do you even need meat for it to be a sandwich?

MB: I guess not. PB&J. Grilled cheese. Those are both sandwiches.

Me: So let's go back to the start. Is a Hot Dog a sandwich?

MB: Yeah, I think it's a sandwich.

DeMaro asked more players than just Betts about it, but he (and one other) is the one we care about. He's the one who some of you feel a sudden, newfound kindred connection with, while the rest of you feel betrayed. Utterly and horrifically betrayed.

For those seeking solace, Craig Breslow had a detailed response when asked if a hot dog is a sandwich:


Okay fine, Breslow said more than that, but you should click over to read the rest.

For real, though, a hot dog is a sandwich. Get out of here with that taco is a sandwich nonsense, though.