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The Over The Monster Podcast: Episode 111: Jared Carrabis of SoxSpace

Matt Kory and Jared Carrabis of SoxSpace compare the current Red Sox season to 2012 and talk about the rookie problem and which players we still believe in.

Come on, OTM Podcast!
Come on, OTM Podcast!
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So here's the thing. I recorded this podcast with Jared Carrabis of SoxSpace and Twitter fame on Thursday afternoon. It was fun. We talked about a whole lot of stuff. We compared 2014 with 2012 (favorably), we discussed the organization's strengths and weaknesses, and we chatted for a good while. Then I had to run. I said good bye to Jared, saved the podcast, then ran off to do family things. Then the weekend happened. Bang. Gone! That was fast! Now here we are on Tuesday and I haven't posted this darn podcast yet! What is wrong with me? Life moves fast, man. Fast. And I kinda fell behind on that. So apologies to you for withholding this podcast for so long and apologies to Jared for not posting this expeditiously.

I'll be back up with another podcast this week with regular co-host Brendan O'Toole, where we'll discuss the Rusney Castillo signing and what that means for the Sox outfield. So happy OTM Podcast week, apparently!

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