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Game 147: Red Sox vs. Royals

Most Red Sox fans don't much care about the Royals one way or another. They're rarely contenders, often hanging out in the Central getting beaten up by better teams like the Tigers.

When the Royals are bad, I'm right there with you. But right now, the Royals bug me. They bug me because they're winning, and because they're winning despite so many people doing so many things wrong.

Alright, "so many" is an exaggeration. It's mostly Dayton Moore and Ned Yost. Particularly Dayton Moore. He's by all accounts a terrible GM, and however mediocre Wil Myers is looking down in Tampa Bay, I'm pretty damn certain that damn James Shields trade will prove a thorn in our side for a while to come.

Somehow, though, while still playing below the level of the Central's two playoff teams last year, Moore has backed into a first-place team in a suddenly weaker division. The Tigers are still there, just not the same, hanging one game back, four games off their 2013 pace. And that's where they'll stay if the Red Sox roll out the red carpet these next few days.

I don't hold any particular love for the Tigers. But I know I don't want to see Moore rewarded for being Moore. The Red Sox providing a helping hand would be just fine by me.