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Dustin Pedroia to undergo surgery on hand

The season is over for Boston's second baseman.

Jim Rogash

The Red Sox have announced that Dustin Pedroia will undergo surgery on his left hand Thursday in Boston, ending his season.

We had heard before Tuesday's game that Pedroia had been fighting through an injury, doing his usual thing of ignoring the pain in order to remain on the field until the organization actually stepped in, performed an MRI, and called enough enough. He apparently sustained said injury way back on April 4th against the Brewers, but this whole saga dates back to Opening Day 2013, when the second baseman suffered a UCL tear.

The hope is the same that it always is in this sort of situation: that surgery will be the silver bullet for what's ailed Pedroia. Given the procedure and a half year of rest, perhaps we get the old Pedroia back. The dynamic player who played at such a high level not only in the field, but at the plate as well.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case this past year. This is not the first time Pedroia is undergoing a procedure to fix said injury--it was not long after Boston's World Series win in 2013 that he went under the knife for the first time. Obviously, whatever good that did, it wasn't enough to save Pedroia from a .278/.337/.376 batting line in 2014.

Whether the second go-around will prove any more effective...only time will tell.