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The Giancarlo Stanton obsession runs deep in Boston

Join the club, Michael Kopech.

Rob Foldy

Red Sox fans certainly have their fixations. It used to be Adrian Gonzalez, then...well, we all know that story. In recent years, however, the focus has switched to one Giancarlo Stanton, with seemingly every fan who swears allegiance to Fenway dreaming of the Marlins dealing their soon-to-be-expensive superstar to the Sox. Even when the Marlins are within striking distance and looking to add to their team while the Red Sox were in full-on sell mode, fans looked at Boston's trades and tried to work them into convoluted plans aimed ultimately at Stanton.

Well, it turns out it's not just the fans. Michael Kopech, one of Boston's first-round picks in this year's draft, chimed in today:

Michael Chavis may have been the one donning a Red Sox hat and uniform on draft day, but this? This is how you show you're one of us.