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Red Sox place Allen Craig on disabled list

Allen Craig is headed to the disabled list because of course he is.

Jim Rogash

The Red Sox have placed Allen Craig on the disabled list just days after receiving him from the St. Louis Cardinals in the John Lackey trade.

One of the biggest knocks against Craig (aside from his poor results in 2014) is that he's struggled to stay on the field. In his last three seasons, Craig has averaged just 109 games, and while he's managed to play in 98 so far this year, it's taken him less than a week to find his way on the disabled list with the Red Sox.

Craig suffered a turned ankle in his first game with the Red Sox back on Friday, and was out of the lineup for the next two games. With soreness persisting, the Sox have decided their best bet is just to keep him off his feet for a while and give him a fresh start in a couple weeks' time.

It's hardly the idea start to Craig's Red Sox career, but at the very least it's not terribly impactful. It would be nice to see Craig mash so that we don't have to spend the offseason hoping for a bounce-back season in 2015. But, realistically, not much can happen over the next eight weeks to make the Red Sox give up on a player they just traded for. The Sox targeted Craig as a buy-low candidate, and they'll almost certainly give him the time to put 2014 behind him.

Still...this season does have a way of piling on, doesn't it?