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Red Sox call up Heath Hembree

The Red Sox have called up Heath Hembree from Triple-A Pawtucket.

Stephen Lam

The Red Sox have called up Heath Hembree just one week after receiving him from the San Francisco Giants as part of the Jake Peavy trade.

Hembree, 25, will not join the rather long list of players making their major league debuts with the 2014 Red Sox. While his time in the majors is extremely limited, he produced 7.2 scoreless innings of relief for the Giants back in 2013, striking out 12 batters while walking two. His 41 innings of 3.73 ERA ball in Triple-A this year may not seem quite as impressive, but that performance should be taken with a grain of salt given that the vast majority of it came in the extremely hitter-friendly PCL.

Hembree, who has spent his entire professional career as a reliever, features a fastball that sits in the low 90s that he has combined with a slider that has developed into an adequate complement to his primary offering over the past few years.

The Giants had long seen Hembree as a potential future closer given his demeanor on the mound and ability to handle pressure. He's finished some 177 games in the minors since 2010, racking up 106 saves in the process. The Red Sox, obviously, don't have any such plans for him right out of the gate (particularly given that their decision not to trade Koji Uehara suggests very much that their current closer will still be here in 2015). But he'll be someone to keep an eye on as the Red Sox try to sort out the future shape of their relief corps.

Steven Wright will return to Triple-A to make room on the major league roster.