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The Over The Monster Podcast: Episode 110: Last word on the trade deadline and the first words on looking forward

The OTM podcast guys give it one more go at the deadline deals before moving onto the strategies and the potential off-season impact the deals may have.

Will Allen Craig be in Boston long term? That's a definite maybe!
Will Allen Craig be in Boston long term? That's a definite maybe!
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

This year's trade deadline was a pivotal one for the Red Sox, one we'll likely look back at and think about as a defining moment for the franchise. With that in mind, Brendan O'Toole and Matt Kory give it one more go, looking less at the deals themselves and more at the strategies behind them. What to think about the decision to target major league hitters instead of minor league prospects (for the most part, Andrew Miller deal exempted)? Then there is the off-season and the impact the deadline will had on future Red Sox plans. Might the Sox move some of their new cornerstones? What about Jon Lester (yes, I'm sorry, this is still a thing). It's an informative and forward-looking 110th Over The Monster Podcast!

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