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Rusney Castillo's first night in America spent at Beyonce/Jay Z concert

Welcome to the US, Rusney. You already seem to have things well in hand.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Rusney Castillo signed with the Red Sox before establishing residence in the United States or obtaining a work visa, so his first night in America was Wednesday night. He got his work visa, so he can now play baseball for the Sox' organization, but that's not the most important news from ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes: no, that would be his reporting that Castillo spent his first night in the US attending a Beyonce and Jay Z concert in Miami.

Castillo, of course, is represented by Jay Z's Roc Nation agency, so it's not altogether surprising that this would be one of his first activities stateside. Plus, it's only right that a ballplayer of Castillo's caliber meets royalty upon entering the nation he'll be working in. Sure, America abolished the monarchy back in the late 18th-century, but only because George Washington never had to try to dethrone Beyonce.

Castillo is expected to join the Red Sox at some point in September, possibly spending his time initially with the PawSox while they're in the International League playoffs so he can shake off some of the rust that being suspended from baseball and then escaping your home country can bring on.