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Red Sox option Heath Hembree, call up Edwin Escobar

The Red Sox will swap Heath Hembree with Edwin Escobar as they seek temporary bullpen depth against the Blue Jays.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox have traded one part of their return for Jake Peavy for the other, sending Heath Hembree back to the minor leagues and calling up Edwin Escobar from Pawtucket.

The move comes in the aftermath of an ugly eleventh inning from Heath Hembree in Tuesday's extra-innings win over the Blue Jays. With the Red Sox having put up seven runs in the top half of the inning, Hembree's three runs allowed didn't hurt too badly. But with the Red Sox having to turn to the bullpen for quite a few innings, Hembree was the obvious choice to head back below.

While 2014 has been a rough season on the whole for Escobar, a move from the Pacific Coast League to the International League with Pawtucket had proven quite the relief for Escobar up until his last outing, when he turned in a two-inning, eight-run catastrophe, boosting his Pawtucket ERA from 1.44 to 4.28.

The Red Sox will of course be hoping he's gotten all of that out of his system if they have to call on him, but ideally they'll not have the need to make Escobar's MLB debut just the eighth relief appearance of his career on quite such short notice.