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Game 127: Red Sox vs. Angels

I get that bad teams will tend to follow up winning streaks with losing streaks simply because they will tend to endure losing streaks. I do. But Boston takes it too far. There was that whole "lose ten, win seven, lose five" thing earlier in the season. Then they won five around the All-Star break before immediately dropping five. Now after going 5-1, they've dropped their last four. What's worse, they've elected for the same symmetry as they showed in that mid-July rollercoaster, going W - W - W - W - L - W - L - L - L - L.

Say what you will about the Red Sox, but they know how to make losing beautiful if you're willing to dig deep enough in the muck and are the type to find that sort of thing attractive rather than just depressing.

Very, very depressing.

I guess what I'm saying here is that they'd better win tonight or they'll ruin the balance, and wouldn't that be just terrible?