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Bids for Cuban free agent Rusney Castillo are due Friday

Supposedly, the international free agent will make his decision next week.

Dennis Grombkowski

The Red Sox held a private workout for Cuban free agent Rusney Castillo, as did multiple other MLB teams. According to the New York Post's George A. King, bids for the 27-year-old are due Friday, with the idea being that Castillo will pick the winner from among the offers he's received next week.

It's unclear what Castillo is shooting for financially, as King says that some believe he's in the $35-45 million range that Yoenis Cespedes and Yasiel Puig agreed for, while others believe the bidding will go higher: there's no notion of how much higher, though, so it's hard to say teams are going to go all out as they did for Jose Abreu, who signed for $68 million, or if it's just something in between Puig and Abreu that'll get Castillo to join a club.

Apparently Castillo would like to play in the majors in 2014, which means he needs to get moving: it's unlikely any team would just plug him into the picture the moment he signs, since he didn't get to participate in spring training and might need some time to get back into the literal swing of things. There are only a few weeks left in the minor-league season, so a quick tour through a system to get him ramped up before bringing him to the majors in early September could work. It's especially important that he gets this, because he was suspended from the 2013 season of Serie Nacional in Cuba, likely for trying to defect: he might be a tad rusty.

For a team like the Red Sox, who are playing more for 2015 than 2014 at this point, it would be easy to justify giving Castillo a whole lot of September at-bats even if he's not hitting well with them. It would also be easy for someone like the Sox to spend money on him in the first place, as they love a player like this who only costs money instead of prospects or draft compensation.

Where the outfielder would play in 2015 is unknown, since presumably Shane Victorino would have returned from his season-ending back surgery and Mookie Betts would be that much more finished with Triple-A, but the Red Sox already have plenty of sorting to do so this would be nothing new. Adding a piece like Castillo, if anything, just sets them up to make a trade that much more easily this offseason for something they do need. In addition, he's played second and third base in the past: while the keystone has little interest for a Red Sox team committed to Dustin Pedroia, third could be an option, especially since Will Middlebrooks hasn't entrenched himself at the position and Garin Cecchini isn't doing much for Pawtucket.