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The Over The Monster Podcast: Episode 109: Deadline Insanity

The Red Sox made a ton of trades at the deadline. Marc Normandin and Matt Kory analyze the heck out of them for ya.

New (but not newest) Red Sock Yoenis Cespedes
New (but not newest) Red Sock Yoenis Cespedes
Ronald Martinez

Thursday's trade deadline was insanity. Just nuts. One deal after another after another. The Red Sox dealt Jon Lester but wait the A's dealt Yoenis Cespedes but wait they were in the same deal but wait the Rays traded David Price but wait for who what no way! It was all super silly. The pertinent part for the Red Sox was that they traded a whole bunch of guys off their major league roster and got back mostly non-prospects, mostly guys who were taking up roster spots on other contenders' rosters. It was a fascinating trade deadline and not a little bit scary considering what type of risks the Red Sox were taking on concerning other players they have no personal prior knowledge of. So wow. Yeah. Nuts-o. Marc and I talked about it. We tried to hash through everything but forgive us because wow was there a lot.

I also mention in the beginning that there is more with Brendan O'Toole but there wasn't more on this podcast. There will be more sometime this weekend, so expect another OTM podcast on your iTunes or whereever you hear our words in your ears sometime soon.

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