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Red Sox trade rumors: St. Louis Cardinals interested in Jake Peavy

The Red Sox may finally have found a home for Jake Peavy in St. Louis.

Jim Rogash

The Boston Red Sox have been holding onto Jake Peavy in the hopes that some contender would be willing to take a flier on the veteran pitcher, and after a pair of decent outings, it looks like they may have found their match. According to Gordon Edes (and later reinforced by Peter Gammons), the St. Louis Cardinals are legitimate suitors for Jake Peavy:

While Peavy still has a 4.64 ERA on the season, he's managed to put together a couple good outings in a row, allowing just three earned runs in his last twelve innings of work. It seems like this was good timing, with not just the Cardinals, but their NL Central competition in the Brewers sending scouts around to Boston to keep an eye on his outing against the Orioles.

Even if there is interest from multiple teams, it's hard to imagine the Red Sox see too great a return for Peavy. While he would likely be well-served by a return to the National League, his numbers are still not good enough to earn significant compensation, and there's no built-in injury excuse like there was last year to give teams a reason to think he'll actually be pitching significantly better going forward, even if the environment becomes more hospitable.

That being said, right now the Red Sox would be well-served just to get him off their roster. At 39-50, they are not realistic contenders, and Jake Peavy is not going to be back for the 2015 season no matter what happens in the coming months. With so many legitimate prospects vying for playing time in the majors, simply freeing up a rotation spot would make designating Peavy for assignment a completely reasonable plan were it not for the possibility of getting a team like the Cardinals to give up some mid-level prospect in return.

There's still better than three weeks left before the trade deadline, but every week gone by is another start given up by the receiving team. With that in mind, it might not be long before we see the Red Sox officially take their place as sellers in this 2014 market.