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Introducing the SB Nation - FanDuel partnership

SB Nation has partenred with FanDuel to bring Over The Monster readers a chance to win cash prizes playing fantasy baseball.

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I think it's safe to say that the Over The Monster community enjoys fantasy baseball. A brief glance at our Fanpost section shows that, despite moving over to a weekly format, the fantasy baseball open threads still fill up with 1000+ comments on the regular. And that's to say nothing of any discussion that leaks out into the various comment sections throughout the site.

I'm guessing it's that sort of community SB Nation had in mind when they made an exclusive partnership with FanDuel, a site offering daily fantasy baseball events with a chance to win cash prizes. I'd explain how it works, but they went ahead and took care of that with a video, so I'll leave it to that:

FanDuel was nice enough to freeroll us managers so that we could try it out for ourselves, and I can say from experience it's as easy as the video makes it sound. I wish I could say I had done as well as our rivals over at Pinstripe Alley (Tanya Bondurant snagged first place), but I ended up in twelfth, sadly just out of the money. No comment as to the rumors that my downfall was employing the strategy of "pick the pitcher facing the Red Sox."

(In my defense, Hisashi Iwakuma is really good, and the Red Sox may as well have been going to the plate without bats on that West Coast road trip.)

Sign up and give our first contest a shot here. It's a $2 entry fee (less than half a Fenway Frank) with an $18,000 prize pool (somewhere in the neighborhood of three beers at Fenway if I'm doing my math right), $2,000 going to first place (alright, alright, that's a lot of Fenway beers and/or Franks). FanDuel's rules are available here, and while I doubt this applies to too many Red Sox fans, do note that residents of AZ, IA, LA, MT, and WA cannot play for money. But if you're 18 or older, and a resident of the United States (minus the aforementioned five) or Canada, come have some fun doing noticeably better than me!