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Watch Jackie Bradley Jr. rob Manny Machado twice

His bat is still coming around, but there's no denying JBJ's defensive prowess.

Jim Rogash

Jackie Bradley Jr. has a ridiculously strong arm and is able to range all over the outfield. He showed off both of those skills in Sunday's game against the Orioles, and both times, it was at the expense of O's third baseman Manny Machado.

The throw home was so accurate and well-timed that Machado had no choice but to awkwardly loop around home plate in the hopes he could get back to it before catcher David Ross could tag him. Bradley wasn't in the deepest part of Fenway, but a throw of that distance with that level of accuracy is still eye-popping.

The catch is even more absurd, as Bradley managed to keep with this lofty fly ball even as the wind pushed it across the sky, then make a leaping, backwards catch of it to end the inning and stop the Orioles from putting the go-ahead run on the board.

Now we just have to hope Machado doesn't retaliate by throwing a bat at Bradley.