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Red Sox trade rumors: Tigers 'close' to acquiring Andrew Miller

The Red Sox are zeroing in on their third trade of the day.

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[Update] So much for that...

Oh deadline day...


The Red Sox and Tigers are "getting close" to a deal that would send reliever Andrew Miller from Boston to Detroit according to Jon Morosi:

Miller has had his career revitalized in Boston thanks to a move to the bullpen. Once the sixth overall draft pick by the very same Detroit Tigers who are currently trying to bring him back, Miller was traded to the Marlins as part of the Miguel Cabrera deal. His time in Miami was unproductive, leading the Red Sox to take a flier on him as a reclamation project in exchange for Dustin Richardson, who has been out of the majors since 2010.

After a brief, failed attempt to make Miller work as a starter in 2011, the Red Sox have gotten 113 innings of 2.78 ERA ball out of him as a reliever. While Miller started as a left-handed specialist, he's emerged as a strong all-around reliever recently, holding right-handed hitters to a .537 OPS in 105 plate appearances this season.

Still, while Miller is a strong piece of Boston's bullpen, he's due to hit free agency this offseason, and if the Red Sox can get a real piece in return, it makes sense for them to send him to the highest bidder.