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Watch Mookie Betts hit his first career home run

A shot over the Green Monster is a fitting start.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox called top prospect Mookie Betts to the majors this past weekend because they needed more help in the lineup and in the outfield. He hasn't turned things around for them completely, but he's certainly trying. Betts went deep for the first time in his major-league career on Wednesday, which also counted as his first hit at Fenway Park:

It was definitely a Fenway homer, with Hit Tracker suggesting it would only have made it out of four parks, but Betts has the bat speed for more legitimate blasts later in his career. At least the first one has happened now.

In a strange occurrence, the fan who caught the ball used to play high school ball against him -- he wasn't there as a guest of Betts, as he had purchased his tickets a month prior, when Betts was still in the minors. Spooky, Mookie.