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Red Sox 2, Blue Jays 4: All evened out

The Red Sox have matched their 7-1 tear with a 1-7 slide. Thus always in 2014.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that 7-1 Red Sox run? Well, they've matched it now, taking their seventh loss in eight games Tuesday night, 2-4 to the Blue Jays.

You may remember this game from the last time we played it. The score ended up different--it was 8-0 Jays back on July 24--but this was very much the same game. Marcus Stroman vs. Rubby De La Rosa in a battle of young pitchers, only one of which actually looked the part of a starter.

To Rubby's credit, this time he didn't exactly get destroyed, but he hardly excelled either. Once again De La Rosa was a fastball-changeup pitcher, with 101 of his 112 pitches falling into either category. The 11 sliders he threw was more than the Jays saw out of him last time, but he could not control the offering, and so the Jays didn't really have to honor it. The difference between a two-pitch and three-pitch pitcher lies in more than just showing a third offering.

In fact, given that tonight saw quite so many changeups in the zone and so little in the way of another off-speed offering to protect it, it's surprising the Jays only managed three off of him. Colby Rasmus had the honor of drawing first blood in the second, turning the seventh straight fastball he saw into a solo shot to dead center, putting the Jays ahead 1-0.

De La Rosa would manage to work around a pair of baserunners in the third, allowing the Red Sox to get back into a tie against Stroman in the bottom half of the inning, with Brock Holt showing signs of life with a line drive single to center, and Dustin Pedroia doubling him home off the Monster. As with so many other Red Sox rallies this year, however, this one was erased immediately when a pair of leadoff singles from Toronto led to a two-run Anthony Gose double down the right field line.

The Red Sox may have had a chance to rally back in the eighth, but in typical 2014 fashion everything seemed to be working against them, replay included. Dustin Pedroia was thrown out on a close play at first to start the inning, prompting John Farrell to challenge. And while ultimately the replay showed that Pedroia did not beat the throw, it did show that Danny Valencia's foot had come off the bag. The umpires, however, did not agree, leaving Pedroia out and leaving Jonny Gomes the lone baserunner of what could have been an interesting inning.

Still, there was one silver lining to come, with Xander Bogaerts leading off the ninth by clearing the Monster for a solo shot. Not enough to turn the tables, but if you're all in on draft position now that the season is lost, a big homer from a struggling Xander is exactly the sort of bonus you look for in your necessary losses.

Now, let's all get back to Lesterwatch 2014.