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The Over The Monster Podcast: Episode 108: Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal on the trade deadline

Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal talks Red Sox deadline with Matt Kory

Jim Rogash

The trade deadline is upon us and with the Red Sox hopelessly out of contention, the discussion has turned to dealing assets. Prime among those is Red Sox ace Jon Lester, he of the expiring contract. I (Matt Kory) am joined by the excellent Brian MacPherson, Red Sox beat writer for the Providence Journal. Brian and I discuss the goings on with Lester's contract, whether or not the team should re-sign the pitcher, and what his value might be on the trade market. We also get into what not signing Lester says about the team's policies going forward, and where the 2015 team will hope to get pitching and more than that offense from. It's an enlightening and yet, if you're a Jon Lester fan, kinda sad, 108th episode of the Over The Monster Podcast.

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