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Red Sox 1, Blue Jays 14: Reversal of fortunes

Turnabout is fair play, I suppose.

Jared Wickerham

Now this is all kinds of appropriate. One week ago the Red Sox defeated the Blue Jays 14-1, locking up their seventh win in eight games. Well, they're one loss short right now, but Monday night the Blue Jays defeated the Red Sox 14-1, sending Boston to their sixth loss in seven games.

So unfortunately just because the season is over doesn't mean the Red Sox can stop playing the games.

Strike that. Just because the season is over doesn't mean the Red Sox can stop being physically present and have the games go on around them. That's more accurate, because what they did today can't really be considered playing. They did nothing against R.A. Dickey--if you watched his two-strikeout 1-2-3 first inning, you got the picture. He only ever faltered in the sixth when a leadoff walk from David Ross led to an RBI single from David Ortiz.

But oh, that sixth inning. We'll get back to that in a second...

On the other side of things, Clay Buchholz surrendered two runs in six pitches to start the game, and only took that long because he had to walk Jose Reyes to make Melky Cabrera's homer worth two. Apparently he decided the leadoff-walk-turned-run was fun for him, since he did it again in the fourth, allowing Colby Rasmus to score on a Ryan Goins single, and then again in the sixth when Munenori Kawasaki came around on, once more, a Ryan Goins hit.

The sixth inning did not end there. Oh no. Not at all. In came Felix Doubront, eager to boost his trade value, and to first base went number nine hitter Anthony Gose with yet another walk. Four pitches later, and Melky Cabrera had his second homer of the game, this time good for three runs. The teams are just lining up, I'm sure.

We're done now though, right? Not so fast! Jose Bautista single! Juan Francisco walk! Rasmus and Kawasaki doubles! Somewhere in there I'm pretty sure Frank Thomas got a hit! By the time Doubront left the game, he'd recorded two outs and surrendered eight baserunners. The frame finally ended with the Jays ahead 13-0. If that's the last performance in Boston for Felix Doubront, well, it will at least be self-explanatory.

The good news? It's over now, and we can sleep. Or at least try to.