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Red Sox vs. Blue Jays: Hug Watch!

It's time to stop watching at bats and start watching for hugs in the dugout.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox will start their final series before the deadline Monday night against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Today's Lineups

Jose Reyes - SS Brock Holt - CF
Melky Cabrera - LF Dustin Pedroia - 2B
Jose Bautista - DH David Ortiz - DH
Juan Francisco - 1B Mike Napoli - 1B
Colby Rasmus - CF Daniel Nava - LF
Munenori Kawasaki - 3B Shane Victorino - RF
Josh Thole - C Stephen Drew - SS
Ryan Goins - 2B Xander Bogaerts - 3B
Anthony Gose - RF David Ross - C
R.A. Dickey - RHP Clay Buchholz - RHP

It's the last series before the deadline, but there's relatively little to be learned for the Red Sox. What matters now is not what will happen on the field, but off of it. The Red Sox have already moved Peavy, and it's looking more and more everyday like Lester is destined to follow him. We're officially on watch for players making mid-game exits and getting hugs in the dugout.

#HugWatch2014 people, that's what it's come down to.

First pitch is at 7:10 p.m. ET with broadcasts on NESN, ESPN, and WEEI.