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Jackie Bradley Jr. throws ball over outfield wall from home plate

We are willing to admit that Jackie Bradley Jr's arm might be strong.

Jim Rogash

We've seen Jackie Bradley Jr. make some incredible throws from center field in 2014. So has NESN and reporter Gary Striewski, who challenged Bradley to throw a ball from home plate at Fenway Park over the center field wall. Challenge accepted.

The video itself is not great, since you need the audio to even know the ball landed over the wall, but it's clear it did given the reaction of everyone around it. All this video did is remind me that Baseball needs to have a whole bunch of skills challenges during the All-Star break, not just the Home Run Derby. I want races with Billy Hamilton in them, I want pitchers having the baseball equivalent of an archery contest, and I want Jackie Bradley Jr., Yasiel Puig, Bryce Harper, and Yoenis Cespedes to throw baseballs as far as they can.

Seriously, MLB, take my money if you do this.