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Red Sox sign international free agent Chris Acosta

The Red Sox have signed IFA Chris Acosta for $1.5 million, opening what is expected to be a busy international signing period.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox have made their first major July 2 signing, locking in international free agent Chris Acosta according to Jesse Sanchez of

Ranked sixth in the signing class by and 11th by Baseball America, the 16-year-old Dominican right-hander is viewed as one of the best pitchers in the class. Already coming in at 6'3", 180 pounds, and with a fastball that sits around 90, Acosta doesn't quite look the part of someone born into a world where Nomar Garciappara was the reigning rookie of the year.

Already well-molded as a pitcher, with strong secondary offerings and clean mechanics, Acosta seems like a safer bet than most July 2 signings while still carrying plenty of upside. At $1.5 million, his signing bonus eats up most of Boston's bonus pool for the year, but coming into the signing period it was understood that the team would be looking to blow well past that mark and simply take the penalties on the chin.

I'll leave you with's video of our newest prospect: