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Red Sox release A.J. Pierzynski, parade scheduled for Tuesday

For once it seems appropriate to quote Hawk Harrelson: He gone!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox have officially released A.J. Pierzynski, which should dispel any fears that the veteran catcher will hang around in the minors and somehow find his way back onto the team:

Admittedly, what this actually means is that the Red Sox could find no trade partners for Pierzynski, but that was a given almost as soon as they designated him for assignment one week ago. If he had held any actual trade value, the Red Sox would have at least waited until the trade deadline rather than putting a clock on themselves by removing him for Christian Vazquez. He might find a new team now if he's willing to sign Infor the league minimum, but it's hard to imagine anyone giving anything up for a .254/.286/.348 hitter with a history of clubhouse issues.

So it is that after seven uninspiring months the Pierzynski era is over in Boston. Given the early returns from his replacement in Vazquez, it will not soon be missed.