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Daily Red Sox Links: Brock Holt, Jake Peavy, Koji Uehara

Today's links cover how John Farrell will manage the catching situation, why recent history could provide optimism for the Red Sox this year, and how John Lackey feels about the Jon Lester contract issue.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

For all of the unexpected parts of Brock Holt's performance, his power may be the most surprising. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Among some notes from John Farrell is how he will divide the playing time behind the plate. (Jordan Godwin; ESPN Boston)

Is it possible that keeping Jake Peavy here could be the best move for the Red Sox? (Jason Mastrodonato;

Boston can look to last year's Royals team for some hope about the rest of the season. (Rob Bradford;

John Lackey believes the team has made a mistake in how they've handled the Jon Lester situation to this point. (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald)

Koji Uehara's success this year has had an odd correlation with the time of day he's pitched. (Steve Silva;