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Red Sox vs. Orioles: Wherein fly balls will be the death of Jake Peavy

Jake Peavy is not a ground ball pitcher. A fact which could cost him big given the defense behind him Monday night.

David Maxwell

Tonight, the Red Sox will field a starting outfield of (from left to right) Brock Holt, Grady Sizemore, and Daniel Nava against the Baltimore Orioles. They will do so with Jake Peavy on the mound.

This could get ugly.

Today's Lineups

Brock Holt - LF Nick Markakis - RF
Xander Bogaerts - 3B Manny Machado - 3B
Dustin Pedroia - 2B Adam Jones - DH
David Ortiz - DH Chris Davis - 1B
Mike Napoli - 1B Nelson Cruz - LF
Daniel Nava - RF J.J. Hardy - SS
Grady Sizemore - CF David Lough - CF
J. Herrera - SS Caleb Joseph - C
David Ross - C Ryan Flaherty - 2B
Jake Peavy - RHP Bud Norris - RHP

Even at his best--and he has rarely been at his best this season--Jake Peavy is a pitcher who will allow plenty of fly balls. This year has seen him rebound slightly in that regard, but that just means he's only below average in keeping the ball on the ground, rather than one of the worst. It's always been his greatest weakness.

So if ever there was a game the Red Sox could use Jackie Bradley Jr.'s glove in center, this would seem to be the one. Instead, we get perhaps the worst defensive outfield we've seen all year. And that's saying something. Stephen Drew is also conspicuously absent at short despite the presence of the right-handed Bud Norris on the mound.

Don't lose hope, though! There's good news:


First pitch is at 7:05 p.m. with broadcasts on NESN and WEEI.