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2014 MLB Draft results: Red Sox select right-handed pitcher Kevin McAvoy #134 overall

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The Red Sox selected right-handed pitcher Kevin McAvoy with their fourth round pick in the 2014 MLB Draft.

Rich Schultz

With the 134th overall pick in the 2014 MLB draft, the Boston Red Sox selected right-handed pitcher Kevin McAvoy out of Bryant University.

McAvoy is unlike Boston's first two pitching selections in that he is not at all a high-upside project. At 21-years-old with three years under his belt for Bryant, McAvoy knows what he's about on the mound. He'll throw his fastball for strikes, and he'll do it often.

Let's not beat around the bush: McAvoy is not an exciting pick. He's very likely a reliever, and not the fireballing closer-type that Jake Cosart might end up as if starting doesn't work out. Instead, he's the reliable middle-innings type who's not going to take the game out of his defense's hands.

There's value to that in the majors, however moderate it may be. Even more so when said player can be shuffled back and forth between the major and minor leagues as necessary, and be reliably called upon for six years of team control. Maintaining consistency in a bullpen is no small feat these days.

The real reason for this pick, though, can be found in the numbers. Given his draft stock (he wasn't ranked in Baseball America's top-500) and age, this seems like a quintessential middle-round money-saving pick from the Red Sox. They'll sign him for a pittance, and take the money saved on his slot to sign some of their more exciting high school players who need to be lured away from college commitments. These sort of picks aren't exciting, but they're necessary. If the Red Sox are going to spend almost all of their budget in these rounds to sign a select group of players, then throwing away more picks on more high-bonus players would just be wasteful.