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2014 MLB Draft results: Red Sox select RHP Michael Kopech #33 overall

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The Red Sox have selected right-handed pitch Michael Kopech with the 33rd pick in the 2014 MLB Draft.

Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

With the 33rd pick in the 2014 MLB Draft, the Boston Red Sox have selected right-handed high school pitcher Michael Kopech out of Texas.

Where the Red Sox were linked to polished college players, they have now selected two high schoolers. And, really, Kopech is about as far from a polished product as you can get. Take a look at this video from Baseball Prospectus:

There's a lot of weird going on in that delivery, from the strange slide step he does at the beginning, to the max-effort finish. Simply put, Kopech is a project that's going to need plenty of work over the next few years.

What the Red Sox are hoping to get out of it is the pitcher that his 6'4" body promises. While the above video has his fastball labeled at 91-92, he's added some velocity lately, and has been clocked in the upper 90s at times, and is far from the flat, straight offering you might expect at those speeds. With a pitch like that, he doesn't really need the help of an unorthodox delivery to fool hitters.

The Red Sox will look to clean the mechanical side of Kopech up, and hopefully in doing so will mold him into shape in terms of command and long-term durability. With that in mind, we might expect to see some early struggles from the young righty before he starts to show the results of the tinkering. In the end, though, if all goes according to plan, the Red Sox could have a top-of-the-rotation arm on their hands.