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OTM Podcast: Episode 103: Outfield heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!

Matt and Brendan are joined by Joon Lee to break down the Red Sox outfield situation.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox need some help in the outfield and the OTM Podcast is ready to help!

No, not by playing the outfield (you're welcome!) but by making suggestions. Yay suggestions!

And in this episode they're joined by someone in a better position to make intelligent suggestions: Joon Lee! You know Joon's work here at Over The Monster, but he also covers the Sox at where occasionally does things "in the room" as they say, like talk to players, or consider their opinion. It's crazy!

Joon joins Matt and Brendan to break down the Red Sox outfield situation (as if it needed any more breaking). The following topics are discussed: Daniel Nava (not) Giancarlo Stanton Jonny Gomes Trades Mookie Betts and maybe more! Then we get into the whole David Price/throwing at people/suspension thing. Much swearing ensues. Also, Brock Holt! It's a rousing, fun, and God-forbid informative Over The Monster podcast!

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