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Daily Red Sox Links: Jonny Gomes, Brock Holt, Giancarlo Stanton

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Today's links look at the long-term prospects of Brock Holt, Jonny Gomes playing in left field and Giancarlo Stanton joining the Red Sox.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Surprisingly, something written by Dan Shaughnessy that doesn't read like he lives in a pit for despair. (Dan Shaughnessy; Boston Globe)

Because change is scary, here's a piece on the State of the Red Sox from the Fire Brand of the AL. (Brian Roach; Fire Brand of the AL)

Though let's not get too excited about Brock Holt, as "he's no Stephen Drew", according to John Tomase. (John Tomase; Boston Herald)

Or Jonny Gomes as a long term solution in left field. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

But we can rejoice in the idea that all of this new talent means that the team can try to get Giancarlo Stanton, right? (Eric Wilbur;

... and the joy of the Weekly Notes from Sox Prospects (Sox Prospects)

... and the Players of the Month for the Red Sox farm system. (Harry Burnham; Sox Prospects)