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The 106th Over The Monster Podcast: Tear up the teardown

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It's time to make some decisions. Or get ready to make some decisions.

Might be time to wave good-bye, AJ.
Might be time to wave good-bye, AJ.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox are 8.5 out of the division at the (almost) end of June and not coincidentally they have an 8.5 percent chance to make the playoffs. Thems not good odds. Thems bad odds, even. So, in this, the 106th OTM Podcast, Matt Kory and Brendan O'Toole discuss a potential teardown. Who would go, who should go? Should anyone go? Where will they go? Actually, we don't talk about where they'll go but you could if you felt so compelled! We had enough on our plates going through the roster.

Jon Lester will be a free agent. Will they re-sign him? Maybe! Maybe not! We discuss his situation as the team approaches the deadline. Same with John Lackey. And Jonny Gomes, and Andrew Miller, and A.J. Pierzynski. Actually, we barely discuss AJP because really, what is there to say except, trade him yesterday. We also discuss the interesting case of Koji Uehara. Should he be dealt? What should they do? We have the answers (or not) right here at the 106th OTM Podcast!

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