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Game I don't even know anymore: Red Sox vs. Mariners

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Listen, Red Sox, it's been a long few months. Nothing's gone right for just about anyone who started the year with the team. It's been injury after injury after injury, disappointment after disappointment after dissapointment.

We are a ways back in the wild card race. Further back still in the East. And perhaps more importantly, there's a whole bunch of teams between us and any playoff spot. Even with a couple collapses and a big second half, y'all could easily miss out to even just a slightly hot Yankees team or something awful like that.

You're not gonna fix that tonight. Let's be frank, here: chances are you're not gonna fix that at any point this season. But the least you can do--the absolute very least--is to not lose by nine runs to Erasmo freaking Ramirez.

And don't give me any smart "oh OK we'll lose by 12 then."

I don't want to hear it!