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The Koji Uehara vs. Sean Doolittle blood feud has begun

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Koji will face the wrath of Doolittle in due time.

Jason O. Watson

A's closer Sean Doolittle pinch-hit in extra innings on Sunday, because the Athletics had already used up their whole bench thanks to injuries. His first major-league at-bat came against Red Sox closer Koji Uehara, who is likely on the short list of pitchers no one should have to face first -- mostly due to his splitter, which he didn't stop throwing:

I get the sense Koji won't have to face the wrath of Doolittle anytime soon/ever, but if he ever stands in the box and it happens to be against Oakland and their closer, he's in for a barrage of mid-90s heat.

Doolittle was a sensible choice to bat, and not just because he managed to avoid the strikeout and ground out instead. Doolittle used to be a hitter -- a first baseman, even -- before injuries caused him to make the switch to pitching. He's struck out over 10 batters per nine and owns a 2.84 career ERA in his three seasons, so it was probably a good call.