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David Ortiz has advice for Kevin Love

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You know, in case he is traded to the Celtics anytime soon.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love was visiting Boston this past weekend, taking in a Red Sox game with Celtics' cornerstone Rajon Rondo. There are rumors of a trade, one that could involve the C's, going down this NBA offseason, and Love visiting their home city will do nothing to quell those rumors.

David Ortiz will also do his part to keep them going:

The circumstances will be different, since the Wolves aren't going to release Love to make room for a D-League player who they will cut before he ever even plays an NBA game with them, but no matter: Big Papi has plenty of experience riding the Minnesota-to-Boston championship train, and as a C's fan himself, would likely love the chance to talk Boston with the Wolves' star.

Plus, acquiring Love would lend credence to the idea that Danny Ainge's plan for contention is a simple, two-part scheme:

  1. Wait for the Timberwolves to develop championship-caliber player
  2. Trade for him

Hey, it worked once already.