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The OTM Podcast: Chris Hatfield of Sox Prospects on the MLB Draft

Looking at this year's haul of players from the MLB draft

The Red Sox picked the guy on the left
The Red Sox picked the guy on the left
Rich Schultz

The draft came and went with hardly much of an acknowledgement here at the OTM Podcast. There was too much else going on. Bad baseball, losing streaks, good baseball, winning streaks, and then throw the draft on top of that and it was all too much to handle in an hour. But now we've finally caught up, many thanks to Chris Hatfield of Sox Prospects. Chris joins Matt Kory and Brendan O'Toole to break down the Red Sox' draft. We run down some of the top players picked and look at some of the guys further down the list to see what they might be. Then we turn our attention (quickly) to the 2013 draft, where Chris provides an update on some of the guys drafted. It's a fun and knowledge-producing 105 OTM Podcast!

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