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Brandon Workman's six-game suspension upheld

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Brandon Workman has lost his appeal, leaving his suspension upheld at six games.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox have announced that Brandon Workman's suspension for throwing behind Evan Longoria has been upheld, meaning the right-handed starter will be unavailable for six games starting Wednesday.

It seems fitting that after a Kafkaesque wait for the results of his appeal, Workman is now subject to an equally Kafkaesque verdict. We've talked about just how backwards this decision was when it was first made so we won't go over it again in too much detail, but suffice it to say that Major League Baseball has either done Workman very wrong, or given David Price hilariously preferential treatment.

The upshot for the Red Sox is that Workman will be unavailable for his next scheduled start come Friday. Frankly, they're not in the worst position to weather this small storm. With quite a few players set to return from minor league rehab assignments before long, the Sox can simply switch in starting pitchers for position players like Garin Cecchini and Jonathan Herrera as needed, then switch those pitchers out for the expected replacements.

For instance, if Shane Victorino is set to return to the Red Sox over the weekend, then on Friday the Red Sox can option Garin Cecchini to the minor leagues for, say, Anthony Ranaudo, letting him fill in for Workman and quickly swapping Ranaudo out for Victorino afterwards. It would mean just one game with a slightly short bench, which is not that big of an issue.

And Ranaudo seems to be a good candidate to take the start, too. He would be pitching on five days' rest, compared to three for Allen Webster. Matt Barnes would be on a natural four days of rest, but he's not on the 40-man and hasn't pitched all that well until just recently.

The other possibility would be to just have Clay Buchholz or Felix Doubront make their return to the team, and then to wait another day until Rubby De La Rosa makes his start before sending Rubby down to bring Shane (or Will Middlebrooks, potentially) up to replace whichever player was sent down to make room for Buchholz or Doubront. Doubront's schedule would match up perfectly here.